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Everyone say hello to our next resident ..... Ella!😍 Ella is a Lurcher (whippet x saluki/greyhound) pup who is approximately 8 weeks old! This girl is stunning but don’t be fooled. 😘She will still do everything she shouldn’t! Eg toileting in the wrong places, puppy biting and chewing your favourite things.... the list goes on! 😁 This little girl only came in to our care yesterday however so far she has been brilliant. She is in foster home with dogs and cats which is good around. Ella enjoys learning about the world. She is happy travelling in the car too.💛 We are looking for home with someone who has sighthound/lurcherexperience. Before applying ensure that you have time for a pup! Remember that when things go back to ‘normal’, she will still need time and input! 🐾 🐶Dogs are for life, not just isolation.🐶 this girl is 10 year plus commitment, so only apply if you have thought about every aspect of having a pup! Please share this lady!🙏🏼🏡 Remember to fill in the form below, with as much information as possible if you’re interested in adoption;