Everyone say hi to our next resident..... Efan!💔 Efan is around 2 years old and he is a lovebug. He is beautiful inside and out!💛 This lad has sadly lived with scumbags all his life! 💔 Yesterday we went on 10 hour round trip to collect and get this lad to safety. His living conditions were awful. We are not able to release all the details however we intend to follow this up with relevant authorities. However we can give you a idea of the state this lad is in, this will help you understand where he has come from. 🤬 He is currently now in foster and being treated like a king!😘 Efan has been vetchecked, flead, wormed, vaca, bathed, booked in for neutering and loved! He was covered in fleas and his poo moved it was that full off worms! Whilst bathing him, the colour of the water was, dark brown/red which is dirt and dried blood from flea bites. He has pressure wounds from sleeping on hard surfaces and urine stains on his paws. Efan didnt know how to take a treat from your hand and only drank water out of a bucket.🤬💔 After all this, Efan has been nothing but superstar! 😍😇Once he realised he was safe, he just slept the whole way back, everyone who met Efan has had a kiss from him!😭😘 Thanks to everyone who has made this possible one way or another. Team work. Also a thank you Birmingham greyhound protection - Kerry for working with us to go get this lad safe! More rescues need to work together to save dogs and educate the next generation. 🐶🙏🏼 Please video in the comments of this lad playing!🐶😘 More details to come once, we get to see him completely relax. Please fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption.