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Everyone meet our next poundie ..... Duncan!đŸ„°đŸ˜ How stunning is this lad?! He is beautiful inside and out! Duncan is approximately 1 year old and he is a Lurcher. This lad a tad shy at first but soon comes out of his shell! He is a true gentleman!😍 This stunning lad has only come in to our care today however so far he has been amazing! He travels beautifully in the car, you don’t know he is there! Duncan walks very well on lead! He is such a gentle soul! đŸŸ Duncan hasn’t had an easy past by the looks of things! He is out of condition and quite thin. He always has a few sores on him as well. However this will soon change! So far, he has loved being groomed and pampered so soon enough he will be a different dog! It’s amazing what a good diet and TLC can do!🧡 This boy has been fab in the vets and passed a full health check! He has been good around other dogs as well! More details to follow over the coming days, regarding this beautiful boy!😍