Poodle x Pom
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Everyone meet our resident next…..Dougie!💙 Dougie came in to our care due to his owners moving house. Sadly Dougie was left in the house with another dog, with someone just popping in for nearly six weeks!💔 When Dougie arrived it was clear the other dog was bullying him and we had to split them. Once spilt from the other dog Dougie started to relax. He is now in foster with another dog and he is doing fab. 🐶 Sadly on arrival both Dougie and the other dog were in very poor condition. Dougie is poodle x Pom and 3 years old. It was clear he hadn’t been groomed for a long time and was severely matted. We couldn’t see his face and the severe matting on his underside meant he couldn’t urinate properly. We took him straight to the groomers as an emergency to relieve his suffering. Whoever takes on our little Dougie MUST ensure he is groomed every 6-8 weeks to prevent this happening again 😞 There is no excuse for the state these dogs came in. It’s clear Dougie hasn’t had the best life but that all changes now. He is taking everything in his stride. 😍 Dougie is a nervous lad however has shown no aggression or negative behaviour. He was a star at the groomers and has learnt to trust us quickly. 🤞🏼💛 This little dude has a long way to go but he is already coming along very well. It’s all baby steps with him, however he is a bright and active boy. He loves his walks and seeing the world! 😁 We are looking for a home with someone who has rescue dog experience or nervous dog experience. Someone who has the patience to understand this lads needs and the understanding not to baby him! 🐶 Please share this little lad. 🤞🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;