Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Doris and Thelma!🥹❤️‍🩹 These girls are around 14 weeks old and are Lurcher puppies! Sadly, these girls found themselves in the pound and were unclaimed!😖 💛Doris has a white stripe down the middle of her face. 🧡Thelma has flyaway ears which may end up pointy as she matures. Thankfully, we managed to get them both into different foster homes and now it’s time to find their forever homes. They are a lot happier and more confident apart! As always, we will match the most suitable application to the character of the pup!😘 Both pups are in foster with other dogs and both have been great with older, dog-savvy children. They have crated well and travel well too. 💙 They are active and both getting used to walking on-lead. They are typical pups and are full on life, character and cheekiness. Lurchers are fab however, they are active and clever and therefore need lots of daily input to ensure their mental and physical needs are met!🙌🏽💛 Both girls adore their food and love having cuddles. They have really settled into their foster homes and are taking everything in their stride! They have passed their vet checks and are 11.9kg currently. Both of them have restarted their vaccinations, been microchipped, flead and wormed too. They will be adopted on spay contracts, and we will cover this cost. ✂️💪🏼 Please share these amazing girls so they can both find their forever families!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: