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Everyone please say hi to our next residents.... Jaxx, Pup, Ginny, Dobby and Dudley!💔 This guys are heartbreaking!😔 We had an urgent call from a owner how needed our help with three bald whippet pups. So we went to go get them. Not knowing what we were walking in to! 😭😢😠 Sadly when we got there, we were grateful the owner asked us for help! 💔 We ended up bring back mother, father, son from previously litter and 3 bald whippet pups. 💛 The owner asked when we arrived for us to take them all, due to personal reasons. The things we saw that day will haunt our team for a very longtime. We knew we had to bring them all back, even though we didn’t know where we going to our them after an urgent vet visit! 😢💔😡 These guys are now safe and on the road to recovery. The adults have all been neutered so no more breeding! The pups have been tested to see what the reason is for their baldness, this comes down to neglect. After being in our care for 5 days these guys are different dogs. We are so happy to see their hair is growing back already!! 😁 They are happy, warm, clean, fed regularly, vet checked and SAFE!🥰😍 We have got three bald pups; Ginny (female - smallest), Dobby (Smaller of the two males), Dudley ( Male and the biggest!) these pups were born in Nov 19! They are lovely guys who are growing in confidence daily, they love their food and adore cuddles. The last 24 hours have been a turning point for them, they get excited to see us now and have even started to play with their toys! 💚 Then we have the adults; Jaxx who is a 6/7 year old whippet who loves his fuss and is starting to play. Pup who is 18 months old who is a nervous lad but soon comes out of his shell, he is learning to play now too. Both lads love their walks, walk beautifully on lead and now neutered and starting to gain weight and condition!💛 We have also saved the mother who’s been breed from all her life. She was a nervous girl but she is happy girl now she is safe. 😘 These guys are extremely special, they have been through hell and back!!🤬😡 As a rescue we are committed to ensure they have THE BEST lives possible ...... as always. 🐶💪🏼🙌🏻 If you are apply for a puppy, please only do so if you have time and patience for a pup! If you apply for any of these lovely lot, please make sure you put as much information on there as possible. Remember to fill in the form below if you’re interested in offering any these guys their forever homes;