Everyone meet our next poundie…..Dixie!🖤 Dixie, again came from the pound where she served her stray period. Then found herself in our care, our aim as always is get her, the forever home she deserves.🙏🏼 Dixie is a shy (at first) girl who’s around 2 years old and is a medium sized lurcher. She’s like a whippet on stilts - she weighs 20.7kg😂 her photos don’t do her justice, she’s either 100mph or a sleep!🖤 This girl loves going out walking and she’s happy on her own or with others. She walks brilliant on lead and loves learning!😁 Dixie is happy to be handled and anyone can go in her kennel if needed. She’s good in the car and was fab in the vets👍🏽 At the vets, Dixie passed a full check and booked in to be spayed. We have restarted her vaccinations. 😘 We know there’s a playful lurcher in there who will be coming out more and more as her confidence grows. 🧡 Remember to compete the form below with as much detail as possible;