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Everyone meet our next poundie ... Dixie!🥰💔 This lad as handed in to the pound from his ex owner. Dixie wasn’t wanted anymore as he was too scared to race! He is 2 years old in march! He is only a small lad too! 😖 This poor lad hasn’t seen much of the good people in this world. He is a nervous lad who has clearly not had a kind past.💔 Over his stay with us at Almost Home Dog Rescue. He will learn that his new happy life begins now and there’s nothing to be scared of! 🥰 Dixie has been lovely since he arrived! He is happiest around other dogs, big or small! He travels well and walks beautifully on lead! We will know more about this lad the longer he stays with us and the more his confidence grows! 💙 It won’t be long until he realises people aren’t something to be scared off!😍💚 Please share for this lad!👌