Everyone meet our next poundie …. Diego!😍 This lad sadly found himself as a stray and no one came forward to claim him. However, it is clear by how well behaved he is, that someone has cared at some point. 🥺❤️ Diego is a 2/3 year old bulldog, who is the most laid back dog, I think, that we have ever had in. He adores people, has been good with dogs, loves his walks (plods) and travels well. So far, this lad has taken everything in stride without a blink of his eye.🥰 Diego knows basic commands like ‘ sit’ and ‘paw’, he walks amazingly on lead and is more than happy to be handled. So far, in kennels and on walks, he has been brilliant with other dogs as well. We will be assessing this further over time. We do feel he could live with dog-savvy children.🐶 At the vets, he walked in like he owned the place and instantly made everyone love him. He even fell asleep in the vets!😂 He was fab with being assessed and handled by the vet too. Diego does need some TLC to gain condition on his skin/ coat and a little weight. He is also booked in for neutering and double entropion operation. This is due to his eye lids rolling inwards causing him a lot of pain. 💔😣 Sadly it’s more than likely this why he wasn’t claimed, as this operation isn’t cheap. However once’s the operation is done, he can love a normal happy life. We want to ensure he only has the very best home, with someone to adore him!🫶🏼🤞🏽🏡 Please share this chilled out dude so he can find his forever home! 🩵 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;