Springer x Cocker Spaniel
Middle Aged

Everyone meet Dexter! 💙 This lad has come in to our care today due to his elderly owners having to go in to the care system. It was a hard decision but best for all parties. Dexter has been well cared for all of his life. He just needs to lose a few pounds. (5kg is the vets advice)😬 Dexter is a Cocker cross Spring Spaniel who is 7 years old. He has been nothing but brillaint so far, he has been good with all the different breeds of dogs he has met and he loves human contact! 😘 This lad is perfect in the car and adores his walks! Which is a good thing, as that will increase his weight lose too.Dexter is still an active lad, so needs a home with lots of exercise. He loves any type of water and will swim all day if you let him! 🐾🐾 Dexter is housetrained and we have been told he is good with sensible children too. He has never met a cat so we dont know about him and cats! 🐶 He has gone in to foster today, therefore we will know more about him soon! 😁