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Applications are now open for Des 🧡 PLEASE SHARE FOR DES Des is a very shy boy who is slowly building his confidence to step out into the big wide world. He’s seen very little of it so far at 5 years old and it’s all a little bit overwhelming for him 🫤 There is however a very inquisitive, funny boy in there waiting to come out and we believe in the right home he will flourish. He is intrigued by kongs! Especially when filled with little treats! He will pick one up gently and trot back to his bed to investigate 😁 Des is an ex racer and was born in June 2017. His last race was in August of this year …… having completed 97 races. It is highly likely that Des’s timid nature is as a result of him being physically handled heavily and forced to race when he absolutely didn’t want to 😓 After less than a week with us though we get a Waggy tail when we go in to see him and he comes out of his kennel very keen to say hello……. He’s just not brave enough with everyone yet but he will learn ❤️‍🩹 Des travels well and walks well on a lead. Once his lead is on he feels the confidence of his handler. He has walked with other greyhounds with no issues at all ….. and again it is very likely he won’t have seen any other breed of dog before coming into our care. We have started his socialisation so we are able to keep any applicants to date 😁🐶🐶 Des will need a home with someone who has experience of either greyhounds or a nervous rescue dog. He may need another dog to help his confidence but we are still assessing. In the right home Des will be an absolute gem! Someone will have a best friend for life and what a lovely feeling to help this boy live his best life 🥰 With the volume of racing he had done and clearly at his age having been raced for so long….. no cats or small furries! Please complete the form below for our gorgeous boy