Older Only

Everyone meet our next residents Meg and Dell!😍 These girls have just come into our care as they are failed sheep dogs. Both girls are approximately 18 months old. They have only ever lived in kennels. đŸ¶ However now they are in our care; we will get them groomed so their coat will look and feel a lot better. They have both passed a full health check and booked in for spaying. So far we can’t fault these girls! They are starting to explore and love cuddles now! The girls are just starting to show interest in toys too.💛 Meg and Dell have been nothing but a stars since the get go! They are fab people and they are learning to walk on lead and so far they seen fine around traffic! Both girls have started sniffing on their walks now as well! đŸŸ More details to follow! Please share so find these girls their own a forever homes! We are rehoming them separately!💛 Remember to fill in the form below if you can offer either of these girls a loving home;