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Everyone say hi to our next poundie.... Daryl!💚 Daryl is smooth coated terrier who’s approximately 2 years old. He is a little shy when he first meets you however soon trusts you. 😍 This lad loves being around you and is very inquisitive. He has been a star in his foster home as well as at the vets! Daryl passed a full health check and started his vaccinations. He is booked in for neutering next week.👌🏼 Daryl needs a home with terrier experience to help him build his confidence. He adores other dogs and loves being in their company! Daryl has been fab with every person he has met as well.🐶 This little dude will be a cracking family member in the right environment. Please understand he will need time and patience as all dogs do. He is only young so he is a 10 year plus commitment. 💙 Please remember to complete the form below with as much detail as possible;