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Everyone meet our next poundie….. Darlie!❤️ Darlie is 12 year old, chocolate lab who sadly found herself in the pound. Again, she was chipped but her owner never came to claim her. She was left at risk of being out to sleep in the pound. ☹️ Since coming to in to our care, Darlie has been a star. She’s a happy girl despite the fact she has a lot of mammary lumps and bumps. Darlie needs full mammary strip on both sides as well as, a spay and dental. This girl has been let down by humans!💔 Sadly, she can’t have these operations yet as she’s currently on antibiotics for a respiratory infection. Once she’s over this, we can then get her operations done and she feel like a loved family member - as she should!🫶🏼 So far, Darlie has been good with humans and canines. She’s been good in the car and happy to handled too!❤️‍🩹 For now, please keep an eye out for updates. We are hoping to get her in a foster home before Christmas so she can get fitter and then once she has her operations, she can recover somewhere she knows. 🤞🏽