Danny Boy

Middle Aged

Please say hello to the dashing Danny 💙 Danny is 5 years old and is an AH dog who sadly finds himself in need of his forever home again due to his owners relationship break up and through no fault of his own 😓 We at AH are all devastated by this news as we promised Danny we would secure his future after his very rough start in life and hard work and awful racing career 😖 We are left feeling we have let him down again and this time we will be looking for a family where the commitment to dog ownership is for LIFE!!! We have asked Danny’s current owners to give us a write up for him to help find his true forever home 🙏 Danny is great with other dogs 🐶🐶 He is very loving and adores being close to you and so doesn’t like being left on his own for too long. Danny loves being able to run free in an enclosed field and then have a nap after his favourite treats …… Dentastix and ham and occasionally Peanut Butter a reward 😋 He is obsessed with his cuddly toys 🧸😂 He enjoys other dogs company and doesn’t bark or make a noise 🥰 Danny is a great dog with so much love to give 💕 If you can commit to offering Danny his forever home please complete the form below