Danny Boy

Middle Aged

🐶🐶 If you’re looking for a dog to be your best friend….. look no further!!! 🐾 Please say a proper hello to our ex racing boys Danny and Seamus 🥰 Theses boys arrived last week and have been settling in beautifully. At first they slept outside their kennels as they were very unfamiliar with a bed. Now they are enjoying short walks with our volunteers and lovely comfy naps in between. Danny (blue collar) is 5 years old and an affectionate lad. He approaches you slowly and within minutes he’s flipped on the floor waiting for you to give him tummy rubs 😍 Seamus (green collar) is also 5 years old and smaller than the average male grey. He is a gentle boy who is also craving affection. These 2 boys have had nearly 200 races between them and we now want to find them the perfect home to enjoy a peaceful retirement. Both boys walk well on lead and travel well. They could live with dog savvy children who are respectful of their need for quiet …… but not cats 😁 We will be continuing their assessment over the coming days but if you are interested in Danny or Seamus or would just like to meet them please complete the application or give us a call.