Please may we reintroduce our gorgeous girl dainty Daly ❤️ Daly was in a long term foster with a view to adopt but it has been decided that the home she was in was not the right one 😓 This lovely girl is super cuddly and loves nothing better than to be snuggled up next to you on the sofa or your bed. She is clean in the house eats well and loves children. She is great on the lead and travels well in the car jumping in unaided. She responds well to her name and loves her toys and will happily play fetch all day if you let her. She responds to "drop" or "leave it" this works particularly well for when she pinches your socks or a rouge tissue!! 😆 She could still do with a few manners but is learning well. She walks superbly on lead with an alertness but reacts well to corrections when given. We feel she would be better as single dog in the home where she could give all her love to the person or family all day long in between her walks and naps 🙏This is no reflection on how she’s been in the home with other dogs …… she would just be happier if she is the centre of attention when not napping! Whenever she has met any other dogs she has reacted very politely and that has ranged from daschunds, mini schnauzers, labradoodles and other greyhounds.