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Everyone meet our next residents….. Daisy and Tilly!❤️🧡 These girls have sadly found themself in our care due to the ill health of their owner. However we can tell they have been much loved family pets.❤️‍🩹 Tilly is a Yorkshire terrier cross and Daisy is a terrier mix. Both girls are around 8/9 years old and are very sweet.🥲 These girls walk well and enjoy having a plod around the garden. They both enjoy sunbathing and are the best of friends. They pretty much do everything together 🥰 They travel in the car well and are happy to jump in. They like their food and attention. After a long day they enjoy being on the sofa and having a cuddle! 😘 Daisy and Tilly are good with other dogs and said to be good with cats and dog savvy children. They really are happy ladies.🫶🏼 Recently due to there’s owner fast decline in health, they have gained weight and are in need of grooming. They have a vet visit booked in for Monday, and we will restart their vaccinations. However they are already spayed. 🧡 These ladies would be best suited to calm home, where they can have walks, regular grooming and plenty of fusses. They are currently in a foster home with a view to adopt them. However we are taking applications in case this doesn’t work out. 🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;