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Dai has been in a foster home for 5 days now and is doing absolutely brilliantly! To say this young boy has left all his litter mates, travelled from Ireland, spent a few days in kennels and then gone to live with a complete stranger after never living indoors……he has been phenomenal!! We have been disappointed by general lack of interest in our new greys and wanted to update you on how Dai’s been doing in the hope we can find him his perfect forever home 🤞 His fabulous fosterer says the following about him…… Dai is getting used to his feed and toilet routine and is a star overnight….. he sleeps well, no noise or mess! 😁 He absolutely loves going in the car ….. and travels really well. The other day he wouldn’t get out so we left both doors open and enticed him out with a treat, he came out, ate the treat and walked round and got back in the other side! 😂 He is understandably a tad nervous of the outside world, however we are slowly introducing him to new things and busier places. He pretty much ignores other dogs but is totally fine if they approach him 💕 Dai is good with food and toys and has a lovely cheeky, mischievous side developing as he grows in confidence. He is particularly fascinated by shoes…… but never destructive. He just takes them to his bed to investigate later 🥰 Dai is a little worried by loud noises, some things he has not seen before…. and very worried by little people. With all this in mind we are looking for a calm, quiet, toddler free home for Dai where his family have the time to gently show him that the world isn’t such a scary place. As his trust in his handler grows this will develop easily. He can also be homed with another calm confident dog to help show him the world too! No small furries! If you would like to consider offering Dai his much needed forever home….. please complete the form below