Everyone meet our next two residents..... Boom and Cuba. 😍 🐶 Boom - blue collar - black Male - 6 years old! 🐶 Cuba - brown collar -black Male - 3 years old! Both of these lads have come directly to us from the track. Both dogs have fab personalities and have been really good. They are enjoying their walks around the countryside and getting know all the new faces!❣️ We will post more details about them over the weekend. 🐶 Please share far and wide - true black beauties.🖤 So these lads have been with us for a few more days now! We are starting to see their individual personalities come out.😁 Both lads are lovely dogs who adore their cuddles and fusses. They walk well ok lead and enjoy their time with the volunteers. All the volunteers are falling in with them. 😍 🐶 Boom - this lad is 6 years old and is now ready for his forever home. He is chilled out our lad who loves his bed and watches the world go by. He adores his food and loves to sunbath. Boom likes his walks, however he is more interested in cuddles. 💛 🐶 Cuba - this lad is 3 years old and is a cheeky fella. He adores his walks, and walks beautifully beside and does the greyhound ‘lean’. He loves company! Cuba wants to do whatever you are doing! 💚