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Everyone meet our next resident….. Colin!🧡 This lad is just under 18 months old and is smooth coated dachshund. He’s been signed over in to our care due to no fault of his own. So we are on a mission to find him the best home possible.💪🏼⭐️ Colin hasnt seen much of the real world however since arriving in our care and going straight in to foster, he’s loved every moment. He’s currently in foster with female mastiff and he uses her for his own confidence. We feel he would be best suited to live with a female dog.🐶 This boy is active and is very clever. As much as he likes a fuss and cuddles, his walks round the field in the long grass are his favourite thing. Obviously he loves his chicken snacks too!🥰 Colin is good with people and dog savvy children. He can be a tad shy to start but soon becomes your friend. This lad is coming along well and in the right hands will blossom. 😘 In the house, he’s housetrained and ok to be left for short periods of time. We are starting to build this time slowly. He’s starting to sit and take his food nicely too!🫶🏼 Colin is good at travelling and happy on lead. He walks well once his excitement level has decreased. With the right structure exposure to the real world, he’ll be fully confident in no time.🐶 At the vets, he was a good boy. However he was shy but happy to handled and checkered over. Colin’s been neutered and started his vaccinations. 💪🏼 We are looking for a home who understands the breed and needs. He needs home with someone who will treat him as a dog, not like baby. Somewhere full of love and adventures!🏡 Please share this lad far and wide to find him his forever family!🧡 Remember to complete the form below, if you’re interested in adoption;