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Everyone meet Coco the clown !💙 Coco is now safe from death row and he is loving life here at Almost Home Dog Rescue! đŸ¶ He was a little shy at first however now he is full off of life and confidence! He just makes everyone laugh - that’s why he is the clown dog!💚 Coco is a young Lurcher (medium sizd - 22" to the shoulder) who has a black, brown and white coat. He clearly hasn’t had an easy life however he is a happy lad! He travels well too. đŸ¶ This boy is brill with other dogs and will play all day. He is brillkaint on lead now too and has no reaction to passing cars or people. He isn’t too bothered about the cat, he just watches them. đŸŸ Coco had his healthcheck and was brilliant in the vets. Happy to be handled etc and the vet said he is a VERY fit, healthy dog!💙 If you’re lucky even to adopt this lad you will never have a dull day! He really will make someone a cracking family member. We can not fault him around animals or people, he has been amazing with the children he has met too.😍 Coco went for a little break with on of our fosters on holiday for a week in Angelsey, he was a star! took everyone in stride. the only slight thing with him he is a active lad and gets excited when he sees new people, however he is now learning he command down and is doing great. We really dont undersatnd why this lad is still here. However statics tell us, it is sue to his breed and colour. Even in this day and age! Coco is one of the volunteer walkers favorites; everyone comments on his leads manner and his lovely cuddles! Someone must want a family dog, full of life and character! If so look no further!