Everyone meet our next resident ….. Coby!🧡 This lad is 5 months old and sadly found himself in our care. However at least now, he can be rehomed correctly. Please do your breed research!! 🙌🏽 Coby is currently in foster with a collie cross who he adores. He loves other dogs and is full of life! He is getting better at walking on lead. Coby loves to play with other dogs and we feel he would benefit from living with another dog.🐶 This lad is house trained and does sleep in a crate over night. He is also good at travelling . Coby has had his first trip to the groomer and did very well. He has passed a full health and will be neutered when the vet feels fit.🐾 He is a typical pup; chews, bites and has accidents! This lad is very active and is going to be 10 plus year commitment!! Please do NOT apply on the basis he is ‘cute’🙈 Please consider if you’re current dog(s) would like another dog within their household. Plus the fact the Coby is still a puppy. Not all dogs want that. All other dog(s) within the household must be neutered.🐶 Remember to complete the form with as much detail as possible; including how you are going to keep this lad mentally and psychically stimulated. Please understand that forms completed with ‘yes or no’ - won’t be considered. 🙏🏼 If you’re interested in adoption of Coby please complete the form below;