Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Clover!☘️🍀 This girl is a heartbreaker 💔 It’s very evident that’s she’s seen the awful side of humans. We believe she’s around 4 years old, ex breeder and possibly had dogs set on her (bait dog) due to the amount of scarring all over her body!💔🤬 Clover has been nothing less than perfect since arriving in our care. She’s fab with everyone she’s met and said hello to a few dogs in kennels without an issue. However we will be assessing her further around dogs during her time with us.🐶 Everything this girls been through, she still trust humans. 🤯 She adores a fuss and loves to sit on your knee. Clover has been good on lead and really does enjoy her walks in the countryside. She’s not bothered by traffic and loves her rides in the car.😙🚗 At the vets, she has passed a health check and started her vaccinations. She was a star patient, and she’s booked in to be spayed soon. All she needs is to gain some weight and condition which will come in time with acdecent diet and the right exercise.😇 At the kennels anyone can go and take her for a walk. She’s good around her food and happy for you sit on her bed with her! Clover just adores any attention she gets. This dinky girl will make someone a fab best friend. She’s so eager to please.😍 When she came in her skin was full of wounds and scabs so she’s had a bath and loved it. She must feel a lot better now and she smells better too! Clover adored having a towel dry and sunbathing 🌞💙 We are looking for a home full of love and empathy for this girl. Someone who understands she’ll need time to decompress and relax fully. We feel she could live with dog savvy children. It’s more than likely she’s better suited as only dog within the household as she’s had to share everything all of her life, we would love her to be queen of a household and everything be hers. 👑🐶 Please do share this amazing girl so we can find her the best home possible! She really does deserve it, after everything she’s been through already! ☘️🙏🏼🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;