Border Collie mix
Middle Aged
Older Only

Everyone meet our next two residents ….. Cleo and Bailey!😍 We are hoping to rehome these together! Cleo was originally adopted from us in 2017. She went to live with a couple who had Bailey already. However they are both looking for a home as a bonded pair. Sadly Cleo can’t live with children, she is scared of their toddler and they have another on the way. She’s never been aggressive towards him but is scared and anxious when he is around 😞 Cleo is a collie cross who’s 6 years old in August. Bailey is a springer who’s just turned 6 years old. These guys are happy in each other company and love being out in the garden playing ball. They never fight over the ball and they settle well together over night. Both travel well in the car and really enjoying their walks.🐶 Bailey is typical of a springer, he is always busy doing something. Cleo loves to play ball and would do it all day if you let her! 🙈 Bailey is good with people and other dogs. Cleo takes a little time to trust some people. She seems to trust women easier than men, however does come around quite well. When on a walk Cleo is walked on a head harness as she can be a little reactive to some dogs. Bailey is walked on a normal slip lead, and after an excited moment walks well!🐾 We are looking for an adult only house who want a pair of dogs which love to play! They are so full of fun and have a lot love to give but need an understanding home with patience. ❤️‍🩹 Please share, it would be a shame if we couldn’t get them a home as a pair! Remember to complete the form if you’re interested in adoption;