Cocker x lab

Everyone meet our next residents ….. Neville, Tom, Winston, Clementine, Poppy Vera And Lynn!❤️‍🩹 These are a litter of cocker spaniels x labs. We have 4 males and 3 females. Both parents where cocker spaniel cross labs as well. They came in to our care due to their breeder not being able to sell them. This is due to the recent decline in the demand for pups. This is a sensitive case and therefore we would appreciate no negative comments.🤞🏽 These guys are 17 weeks old and are in foster homes within our care. Its clear they haven’t seen the world. The day we brought them out of the house, was the first time out of the property. 🐶 Currently they are all doing well in foster and their confidence is growing. They are very clever and picking up house training well too.🥰 We feel these guys have mixed needs, some can live in a family home, some need to live with another dog (neutered) and some will benefit being the only dog. Therefore as always we will allow you apply for a puppy and we match the right homes to the right individual dog 🧡 Whoever adopts any of these pups needs to have an in depth understanding of the breed and commitment needed. These guys are a 10 year plus commitment and need alot of training, input, socialisation and exercise. Exercise will need to be Mental and physical.🐾 They are chunky, active pups who have now started their vaccinations. They can not be walked yet but are getting used to collars currently. They are shy to start but soon turn into confident pups and get up to all kind of mischief!😍 Please really consider if you have the time, long term motivation and commitment before applying. 🙏🏼 Remember to complete the form with as much details as possible;