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Foster report; Clara 🥰 Clara is a lovely girl. So sweet. Just wants to be loved. Initially very nervous of us she has relaxed completely in our company. We have invited friend over specifically to see how she would react. Again, she was initially very frightened and started trembling . Our friends sat quietly and smothered her from time to time and she became relaxed with them stroking her walking over to her. She loves a leap around in the garden, be great to see her run free on a beach one day but think that's a way off. She has been 100% clean in the house from day one.🏡💙 Everyone meet our next poundie …. Clara! 🧡 This girl is a sweet lurcher who’s 18 months old. She’s scared of everything and it seems she’s not seen much at all !! 😣 Clara seems to have no real life experience. However even though she’s nervous, we have seen no negative behaviour from her at all. She’s starting to trust her fosterers and really does rely on her handler for confidence.❤️‍🩹 Sadly, she was found as a stray and no came to claim her. She’s a lovely girl who was a star at the vets. In the waiting room she was shaking like a leaf, however by the time we were leaving everyone was getting a little Waggy tail and cuddles.😘 Clara has passed a healthcheck and started her vaccinations. She’s also booked in to be spayed and have a hernia fixed too. She’ll make a full recovery in no time.💪🏼 Already, she walking better on lead and enjoying the sofa. At the moment she’s decompressing and starting to relax. Clara is a typical lurcher and loves her food and cuddles! Clara is good in the car too, she loves to look out of the window🧡 It’s early doors but she’s been good with other dogs when on walks and when she was at the pound. We feel she would suit a calm environment and someone who has had shy and nervous dogs before. We feel she’s going to blossom pretty quickly!❤️‍🩹 Please share this girl far and wide so we can ensure she finds her forever home!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;