Cocker spaniel
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Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Cinders!💔♥️ This girl is utterly heartbreaking. Again, this sweet soul is with us, as no one claimed her when she was found as stray. Sadly we do have some background information however we have be be careful what we publish. More details will be given at the interview stage of adoption. 💔 We are aware that girl has seen the evil side of humans. She’s been a victim of and a witness to sever abuse and neglect. On top of being bred from and kept in awful conditions.🤬😖 Cinders is a cocker spaniel who’s around 3 years old. She’s a dinky girl who’s weighing 7.9kg and should be around 11-12kg. 💔 This girl is one of the most petrified and shut down dogs we have had in a long time. This year alone we have seen more abuse and neglect than ever before. Cinders was good at the vets allowed them to assess her. For now, we are giving her plenty of TLC and time to adapt and trust us. 💜 She’s not ready to be adopted yet. However we know that when she is, she’ll need someone with empathy and time. Someone who will not rush her, and will allow her to grow in confidence naturally. Someone will to work with us to ensure she has the best chance of a normal life!🤞🏽 At the moment, she’s too scared to move when humans are around. She comes out of her bed at night when she thinks we can’t see her, we watch her on the CCTV. In the day we go and sit with her. She’ll now eat in front us which is a massive step in the right direction. Cinders will allow us to handle her and place her eye drops in too. ❤️‍🩹 She’s already showing us that she can trust us a little and we will allow her to go at her pace. Cinders hasn’t shown us her personality yet however her home environment must be chilled and have another confident, calm dog to show her the way. 🏡 Please keep this girl in your thoughts and give her a share so she has a chance to find her perfect, forever home. You can put a form in however please understand we will not be going through them us yet. We will be rehoming her with other neutered dogs and In a dog savvy home with everyone over 14 years old. Fill the form out with DETAIL. An understanding of nervous/ rescue dogs is preferred. Willing to work with us as team to work through any issues which may a raise is a must! ✅ Remember to compete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;