Jrt x dachshund
Older Only

Everyone meet our next resident.... Chester!💙 Chester is a 10 month old JRT x dachshund. This lad has found himself in our care after having a few behavioural issues. However he is doing great in foster and will come with a behavioural plan for his adopters to follow!🐶 This lad is only 10 months old. When he first went to his foster homes he was resource guarding mainly his food and what got dropped on the floor. However he is a lot better now, but this may flare up again when adopted until he has bonded with his new adopters. Therefore this why the training plan must be carried on.🐾 Chester is currently in foster with a range of other dogs and he loves it. He loves to play and would play all day if he could. He is fine with you taking toys away now as well. 👏🏽 At night or when left Chester goes into his crate which he loves. He also eats in his crate. This boy is brilliant in the car and walks well on lead. He knows a lot of basic commands and is an intelligent pup. Chester’s recall is good as well. 💚 His foster stated he is a fab lad, who just needs structure and routine, mental and physical exercise daily. Someone will have a cracking dog as long as they ensure he understand what’s needed of him. ❤️ This lad is going to be extremely popular however, please understand we are looking for a home with older children plus and someone with dachshund /terrier / resource guarding behaviour experience. Please put details of what experience you have when completing the form. 🙏🏼 Please complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption. However, please ensure you put as much information in to the form as possible;