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PLEASE ONLY APPLY FOR OUR DOGS IF YOU HAVE GIVEN IT SERIOUS CONSIDERATION AND ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ARE COMMITTED TO THAT DOG FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THE DOGS LIFE! Everyone meet our next resident……Chase!🥹❤️‍🩹 This lad was brought in to our care due to the owner feeling he needed more than he could offer…..Which was the right thing to do. They went to see some pups and saw there were two left and weren’t in the best condition 💔So came home with both pups. After nearly two weeks they figured out that actually Chase needed more input than they could give. So brought him to us.🙌🏽 Chase is a 14-16 week old Jack Russel crossed with a Chihuahua. We believe he has been the runt of the litter and has to fight to survive. However he has been checked over by our vet and the previous owners vet and he’s had the all clear from both. 👍 This lad needs to gain some body fat and muscle. He’s currently 1.9kg and should be around 2.4kg ish. 🐶 Since coming in to our care, Chase went straight in to foster with three other dogs and he has been brilliant. He’s happy to play and sleep with the other dogs. However he when he’s had enough, he’ll take himself off to bed. 😌 This tiny lad is good in the car and loves people. He has been good at being handled and happy in the vets. Overnight, he can sleep in a crate or on his own bed. He is nearly fully housetrained. Chase is currently wearing a collar to get used to one He can not be walked yet as he’s only just had his first vaccination.🐾 Chase needs an experienced home as it was reported from his previous owners he can be protective of his items. We have seen slight signs of this behaviour however it could increase when his confidence picks up. We need someone with an understanding that he needs routine, structure and love. He maybe tiny but he is a dog and shouldn’t be treated like a baby. 👍🏽 Puppies are hard work, we say it time and time again. However Chase is going to need more input than an average pup. So please ensure you have time and experience for Chase before applying. 👌🏼 Don’t apply if you have other unneutered dogs or a holiday soon. Only apply if you have seriously thought about adoption and can adopt soon!👏🏽 Please share and remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoptio, with as much information as possible;