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Everyone meet Chalky💙 This lad hasn’t had a good start at all! 😢He is shy but he does quickly come around! 😍 We have saved Chalky from death row when he ended up there from being a stray. He is an Irish racer, who has the scars to proof it!😞 Chalky is a sweet natured dog who really is going to need some TLC! He is fab at travelling, and he adores other dogs. In fact he is in a foster home with Kelt (our other male ex racer who has no interest😞). Chalky is only 22kgs however his weight and condition will come nicely over time!🐶 We are sure that Chalky has never been in a house before however he is picking up his routine quick! ( this is common for most ex racers) You need to meet this lad to understand how much he has been through! He is a true heart breaker!💔 Have you got time and love to show Chalky that not all humans are horrible? 🤞🏽