Carrie update; Since arriving with us Carrie has changed a lot. She came in a scared girl who hadn’t seen much and had clearly been badly treated at some point. Now she’s got her people who trusts and she’s adores them. ♥️ Once she trusts you, you can do anything with her. She’s a big puppy who needs routine and love. However she does take her time to trust you. 💔❤️‍🩹 We need to find Carrie a human who will dedicate their life to her and her training. Someone who will work with us to make her feel safe. 🫶🏼 She’s been head collar trained and walks well. We have started walking her doggy bagback on so she feels she has a job. We have also started practising some agility. All these exercises help keep her body and mind busy. 🐶 When she’s relaxed, she’s a big pup who enjoys playing balls and working for food. She’s good at walking on her lead and travelling. However she needs firm and fair handler who’s confident. 🤞🏽 If she doesn’t feel safe with you, she thinks she needs look after herself. So she can be spooked by people when you’re out walking. Carrie seems to be slightly more reactive to men. However one her best buddies in guy. 😁 This girl is good with dogs when out walking. We haven’t had her off lead yet as she was recovering from being spayed. She’s gained condition well and is a good weight. Carrie is happy in the car and can listen to basic commands. She’s spend some time in a house and been good there too. 🏡 Her main thing is lack of trust in new people. Sadly a lot of people don’t listen and try to fuss her etc when she’s not ready. This is why we need someone who will listen to us and her. Their home must be quiet and calm with no visiting children.🐾 If you think you could be right for Carrie, please do the form so we have your detailed and can have a details chatted about her. She needs someone used to large dogs and a confident handler. Someone with an understanding nervous dogs and different breed traits. Such as guardian and hounds. ✅ Please do complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;