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Everyone meet our next resident Carla!💔❣️ Carla is the last of the three dogs saved from a flat where their needs weren’t being met. Sadly Carla is the one where the environment she was in has affected her the most.💔😣 This girl is 3 years old and a collie x. Sadly due to her very intelligent breed, not having the appropriate mental and physical stimulation has affected her. However we are going to work with this girl to get her right again 😍 We know it’s a long road but in the right home, she’ll live a long and more fulfilling life. We just need to find an empathic home who will work with us and Carla!🤞🏼😘 Carla is starting to walk on lead. Currently we are doing short and often walks so she doesn’t get over stimulated and stressed. When walking and we get to quiet spot this girl loves a cuddle and fuss. She just has to realise that she is safe and then she relaxes.🙌🏽 This girl is scared of the world as she’s never experienced it. If she experiences it with someone she trusts, she’s a super star. ⭐️ Carla is starting to trust new people. She was good at the vets and passed a health check. We have re started her vaccinations and booked her in for spaying. ❤️‍🩹 We are looking for a home with active breed experience but most importantly someone with rescue experience. Someone who understands her needs both mentally and psychically. 🙏🏼❣️ We will keep everyone posted on this girls progress over the coming weeks.🤞🏼 Remember to complete the form if you feel you maybe suitable for this girl;