French bulldog

Everyone meet to our next resident …. Carla!💔 Carla is a 4 year old, French Bulldog who’s not had an easy life so far. This dinky girl really deserves a break and we are hoping to find her her forever home.🏡🤞🏽 Since arriving in our care this girl has been nothing but a sweetheart. She’s fitted straight in to the foster home without an issue. Carla is spotless in the house, eats well, travels well and adores playing with toys.🥹😍 Sadly, she has had many ear infections which haven’t been treated and now she has got a lot of scar issues around her ears. She’s currently on some ear drops to help with the itching and this seems to be helping. In every other way, she’s passed her health check.🙌🏽🧡 Carla is a good girl and really enjoys her walks. In her previous home, she wasn’t walked much at all. However, she loves being out and about. She adores going to the dog park with her toys and her recall has not been too bad either. 🐾🐾 Due her to being bred from, or people trying to get her to breed, she is scared of other dogs. However, this is improving and it won’t be long until she knows she is safe. However, for now, she’s better as an only dog. 🐶 We are looking for a calm, empathic home for this amazing girl with someone to help her know she’s safe and the world is a good place. Someone who she can look to for reassurance and then keep exploring. She could possibly live with older, dog-savvy children too😘🏡 Please share this girl far and wide!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: