Cari update: Cari is improving daily, this girls confidence is coming along beautifully. She adores all the humans she has met and gives them cuddles and kisses. She’s spotless in the house and travels well in the car. 😘 This girl now walks beautifully on her head collar and is walking better around other dogs. She has a fear of the other dogs however is now listening to corrections and walking on well. She’ll be grand in no time!🙌🏽 Her foster mum, adores her and says she sweetie pie. She goes with the flow and takes everything in her stride. ♥️ Cari needs home with people who have time to carry on her work with other dogs. We know she can do it, and is improving daily. She’s perfect in every other way. This girls only around one year and has the world at her paws!😘 Everyone meet our next poundie…..Cari!❤️‍🩹 Cari is a dinky staffie whose owner never came to claim her when she was serving her stray time in the pound. This girl is only around 18 months old and already had a litter then likely been turfed out😞 Since coming in to our care, she was assessed then went straight into a foster home. Cari has been a superstar, she’s spotless in the house and adores her toys. She has good manners and is a good eater. 🧡 Cari walks well on lead and really loves her walks. She’s fab in the car and loves everyone she has meet. They all received a staffie kiss and cuddle 😘 So far, we are still assessing this girl around other dogs. Some dogs she’s fine with and some she’s vocal with however as soon as she is spayed we will be assessing her further and supporting her socialisation. We know she’s not dog aggressive, we think she’s just vocal and unsure of some dogs….. as she met dogs in the vets and the pound without and issue. She has also travelled with dogs without an issue too.🐶 This girl is going to be someone’s best friend, she’s a cracker!! Cari needs an active home with someone who understands the breed and is willing to carry on socialising her! We know, with a little love structure and socialisation - this girl will blossom!💪🏼😍 At the vets, she passed a full healthcheck and loved all the cuddles and treats. She takes treats very nicely and some basic commands. We have vaccinated, flead, wormed and chipped her. She’s also booked in for spaying so no more pups for Cari, her new life starts now!😘🙌🏽 Please share this stunning little girl far and wide so we can find her forever home! 👍🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;