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Everyone please say Hi to our next resident….Cali!💛 This lad is an 18 week old Lurcher. His previous owner have made the heartbreaking decision to rehome Cali so he can have a life that he deserves. It is a very sensible yet utterly selfless decision. More details will be given at the interview stage of adoption! Cali is a typical pup however he is shy to start off with. It doesn’t take him long for cheeky side to come out! Since being in foster this lads confidence has grown and he is starting to develop into an inquisitive pup 😘 He is currently in foster with 3 other dogs who are teaching him about the world. Cali is good with people and brilliant in the car. He loves his food and enjoys canine company!🐶 At the vets he was a super star! He does have conjunctivitis however this is being treated with eye cream and healing well. We have started his vaccinations too!💚 As lovely as Cali is, he is a Lurcher pup who are known for being hard work and nippy! With the right home (preferably sighthound experienced) he is going to be cracking lad. Cali is 10-15 year commitment‼️ Not just whilst your working from home!! If you feel you’re suitable please complete the form below with as much detail as possible.