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Buster update; This lad sadly has been diagnosed with a big liver tumour. This is the diagnosis after blood tests and an ultrasound scan. This means that Buster is in palliative care however we will ensure that the rest of his days are the best of his days!! 💙 Buster is one happy lad and he doesn’t know that anything is wrong with him and is enjoying life to the full. He loves meeting new dogs and people, Buster absolutely adores going in the car! 🐾 This lad is now in his forever foster home where he will receive his palliative care. He is with 5 other Almost Home Dog Rescue residents in the Welsh hills! ❤️‍🩹 A massive thank you to his Foster parents who took him in straight from the pound until we had a diagnosis. A huge thank you to Rosie and Liz for once again stepping up to take another forever foster!! 🙏🏼💛 This is what rescue is about!🥰