British bulldog

Everyone say hi to our next resident..... Buster!💙 Buster is a British bulldog who is just simply fabulous! 💘 Sadly this lad finds himself in our care due to owners circumstances changing dramatically - this is the better option for Buster so he can have the time and attention he deserves! 🤞🏼 This lad his 2 years old and has gone in to our foster care today! On assessment Buster was brilliant with new people and other dogs. He is very typical of the breed in many ways!😘 Buster has previously lived in a family home with sensible children without an issues. He has stayed with family member who have had cats and dogs without an issue. It’s said Buster is happy for a few hours on his own and is spotless in the house!🧡 We are going to carry on our assessment over the coming days to see what type of home is best for this lad!💚 Please complete the form below with as much details as possible, if you are interested in adoption;