Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Bugsy!🐰🐶❣️ This dinky lad is approx 1 year old and only 5.5 kg and is small crossbreed. He’s come from the pound where he found himself as a stray, sadly no one came forward to claim him!☹️ Bugsy is a lovely lad however very nervous, he’s gone into a calm and quiet foster home and is taking the time needed to adapt. 🫶🏼 At the vets he was a star, he was happy to be handled and has had his vaccinations. He’s been flead and wormed and booked in for nuetering.💛 This lad travels well and is learning how to walk on lead. He seems happy around other dogs but we will be assessing this further.🐶 Bugsy is good in the house but likes to hide at the moment. However the way to win him over is his food, he loves it! He really does love a fuss and a cuddle …. however he has to trust you first. We have seen no aggression from him at all, he would run and hide he gets scared.❣️ We know this lad will blossom in no time. He needs a relaxed home where he can have plenty of time and reassurance. However a confident handler who he feel he trusts. 🫶🏼 Please share far and wide for this little man.🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;