West Highland Terrier (Westie)
Middle Aged

Everyone meet Buddie! This lad has so much character, he is a lovely chap!😘 Buddie has found himself in our care due to his owners ill health. This beautiful lad is a Westie and is 7 years old! He adores people and other dogs! 🐾 He is a character who will make someone a very happy. As you can see in the pictures he is beautiful! They just don’t do him justice! 😍 He loves being out and about. Buddie is brilliant in the car, you wouldn’t know he is there. He is fab with sensible children too.🐶 Buddie is currently on meds for his skin as it hasn’t been treated for a while. However he is coping well and there’s no affect on his health. He has a medicated a bath once a week too. Skin conditions are very typical of the breed. His meds and food ( grain free) come up about £30 a month currently. However this should drop once the meds dosage decreases. 🤞🏽 we will know more once his medical history has been set over form his vets to ours!🐶 We are looking for a home with Westie or terrier experience! Someone will be very lucky to have this lad!💚