Middle Aged

Everyone meet our next resident Buddie!😍 This little lad is a looking for a forever foster. This means someone to look after him like he is their own for the rest of his life however the rescue will cover his vet bills! This is due to him being epileptic. 💔 Buddie seizures only happen every few weeks and generally short lived however stress can bring them on. He does have a good quality of life and is only one type of medication. 💚 This lad is lovely! He is 4 years old and loves being with people. Buddie is good with sensible children and dogs! He loves going in the car and walks well on lead!đŸ„° Here is what his current owners say about him; ‘ Great off the lead and loves the beach. He likes to catch leaves in the garden when its windy and loves to play football too. Loves playing fetch with his ball. He is a big softy and very cuddly. Brilliant on the lead, doesnt pull at all. He is totally toilet trained and will let you know if he needs the toilet.He is currently crated for bedtimes!’ Please fill in the following form if you’re interested in Buddie becoming a family member!