French bulldog
Middle Aged

Foster update; BUBBLE!!! The bonkers little fireball that is Bubble is still looking for her forever home. Whilst she is on foster with another dog she would need to be an only dog in her new home…..she’s a massive drama queen and loves ALL the attention!! She is completely uncoordinated and has no idea where all of her legs are at any one time, but she rocks it and makes wonky the new style!! She loves her walks and is up to about 2 miles a day spread over a couple of walks. She loves toys, especially the really annoying squeaky ones 🙉🙉 She would love to have company 24/7 as she doesn’t like being left. She will cope with an hour or two but she does fret. She has some allergies and needs half an Apoquel tablet every day to keep on top of them and also needs a hypoallergenic food. These aren’t massively expensive but will be an added cost to her upkeep. She is prone to ear infections and a sore tail pocket so keeping these areas clean on a daily basis is very important. She is a cracking little dog with a MASSIVE personality and makes me smile all day. She just needs someone to match her level of weird and love her for it. Everyone meet our next resident…..Bubble!😘 This girl is a fun-loving diva who is everything a Frenchie should be, when it comes to personality! ❤️‍🩹 Sadly, Bubble was brought in to our care due to lack of time and funds of her owner. As you can see, this girl has sore ears however her owner hasn’t had the time to keep up with the routine of baths and tablets. This has resulted in them becoming very sore!😞 Since coming in to our care, Bubble has been in a foster with another dog and she’s been great. She’s a fab traveller and loves everyone and everything she meets!😍 Bubble has previously lived with dog-savvy children without an issue and other dogs. She’s such a funny little girl who makes you laugh all the time! She really enjoys life!🫶🏼 She’s been the perfect houseguest. Bubble is house-trained and walks well on the lead. We are building up her fitness, as recently she hasn’t been getting the exercise she needs. 🐾 At the vets, everyone fell in love with her. She’s up to date with vaccinations and spayed. Bubble is booked in for a dental and has started on medicated baths and some tablets to help get the skin on her ears under control. She’s also now on hypogenic food and some balm on her ears, to help moisturise them as they are hard and flakey.😞 Long term, it’s likely she will need a hypogenic diet (this is not expensive - apoquel tablets are around £ 20-30 per month) and medicated baths once a week (also, not expensive). We know this girl will be a fab addition to a family. She’s full of life and character. There will never be a dull day again! Bubble just takes everything in her stride. 🧡 Please share far and wide!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;