Everyone meet the bubbly Brucey!😍 This lad does not like anything hold him back! He is such a happy little mite who adores life!💙 Brucey is a 9 year old jack Russel terrier. He has found himself in our care due to his owners moving house and unfortunately they take him! 😔 This lad is so happy - he is super friendly with everyone he has met so far. He loves other dogs and he is good with sensible children too. Brucey adore going in the car and he is fab travelling companion! His favourite thing to do is play fetch - which he is good at! 🐶 As you can see Brucey has a deformed front legs. This is suspected to be from inbreeding. However Brucey doesn’t care! He isn’t in plain and can play for a while before tiring and even go on short walks - which is what he loves to do!🐾 Brucey has been seen by our vet - he is now going to be receiving a good diet and some golden taste and supplements. He isn’t in pain with his legs as long as he doest do too much!👌🏽 Therefore this means we are looking for a forever foster for the little guy! Meaning Almost Home Dog Rescue cover all his bills including food, vets and medication! We simply need someone to love him and care for him the rest of his life - until we can’t keep him comfortable anymore! 💛 Everyone who has met this guy has fallen head of walks in love with him! He is the perfect example of ‘ there’s life in the old dog yet!’🐶