Bruce and Frank

Older Only

Everyone please hi to our next residents ... Bruce and Frank!💛 đŸ¶Bruce - 3 years old - thicker set đŸ¶Frank - 1 year old - slimmer These lads have come in to our care today due to no fault of their own. They have been much loved members of the family. These lads will be rehomed together!😘 Both lads love people and adore a fuss. They are housetrained and happy to be left for a few hours. They both have their own characters and personalities. However they adore each other!😍 Bruce is a confident lad who is chilled out. However Frank is a little more nervous of new things. Both are good with dogs but Frank barks at new dogs until he knows them. There’s no aggression been shown on his assessment however he does need a lot of socialisation. Whoever adopts these lads will work with our behaviourists to ensure Frank gets the training he needs. đŸ¶đŸŸ Please fill in the form below if you’re interested in adoption. Remember to put as much detail as possible.