Everyone meet our next poundie…..Bowie😍 This lad has served his stray time and is now in our care. It’s officially now our mission to find him the forever home he deserves. 🤞🏽 Bowie is chipped so we know his date of birth which is 5.10.21. He’s not as big as he looks in the pictures. He only weighs 17.5kg (he’s like a whippet on stilts) and needs to gain a few more kgs. This lad has only just turned one year old and was at risk of being euthanised. This is utterly shocking🫣😳 Since coming in to our care, Bowie has been brilliant. Any of the volunteers can go get him from his kennels and walk him. He is happy when out and about walking in the country lanes. Everything is new and interesting to this lad.🖤 Bowie has been fine with the other dogs in kennels, and happy to walk with them. We haven’t done off lead as of yet. however he is so playful, we don’t see there being any issues 🐶 He is very typical of a whippet’s character and has a cheeky temperament 😁 Someone has taught this lad the a basics, he knows sit and paw and he will play fetch and really enjoys a cuddle! Bowie also travels well in the car.🥰 We are looking for an active home where Bowie can live, life to the full. Go in adventures and see what the world has to offer. He could possibly live with dog savvy children however we are still assessing at this stage. 🙏🏼 Please share Bowie, so he can find that forever home. 🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;