Cocker spaniel

Everyone meet our next residents…..Roxy and Boo!🧡🖤 These girls are cocker spaniels who are both 3 years old, with a few months between them. Roxy is black and tan and Boo is black and white.😘 Both girls have been signed over due to their previous owners going back to work, resulting in them being left for very long periods of time. Therefore, the previous owners thought it was only fair they got a home where they had someone who had the time for them and to meet their needs!🐶 These girls are used to being around dog-savvy children and other dogs, and are happy to be left for a couple of hours. They sleep together in a crate with the door open. They are house-trained and love to go in the car on adventures.😍 Both girls are very active and they need a home where they will have plenty of exercise and stimulation. They need more than just walks, they need their mind exercised too.🐾🐾 We have them booked into the vets to be spayed. They are already up to date with vaccinations and have been microchipped!🌟 They came into our care and went straight into a foster home with another dog and a dog-savvy child. They have had no issues at all. These girls are fab!😘 They need a home with someone who understands the breed, is active and ready for adventures. Due to their breed, they will need regular grooming so please bare this mind when applying!✂️ Please share these gorgeous girls far and wide so they can find their forever home!🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption: