Shitzu mix

Everyone meet our next residents Elvis and Bobby! 🥰 These lads sadly came in to our care due to their owner losing their job very recently and becoming homeless soon.🐾 Elvis is a 7 year old cavalier x bichon frisè. Bobby is a 3 years old shihtzu x possibly with a Japanese chin. Either way it doesn’t matter, they are both fab little dogs.😍 Both lads went straight to a foster with three other dogs which are all Almost Home Dog Rescue ex residents. They settled in well with the pack and have had no issues.🙌🏽 These lads are said to be good with sensible children, other dogs and cats. At the foster home they have been superstars, and have even been in the livery yard and met the horses without an issue.😍 Sadly these lads did come in and needed grooming. Both had matts and Bobby (shihtzu mix) had a impacted undercoat. These lads need grooming regularly. Whoever adopts them has to have this in mind!🐶 Both lads walk well on lead and travel well. They are ok to be left for a few hours. We would love to rehome them together as they get on so well. ❤️‍🩹 Elvis is a calmer and more chilled out little man. Bobby being younger wants to play etc. however they both love their walks and have been good off lead.❣️😇 We took them to the vets for health checks which they have both passed. They are now booked in to be neutered…. Elvis needs dental too. We have restarted their vaccinations, flead and wormed them.💙 Please share far and wide!🤞🏼 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;