Everyone meet our next resident ….. Bobby!💙 Bobby came into our care due to a sensitive matter, which wasn’t his fault. Sadly, he has had a rough life which involved abuse and neglect!💔🤬 However, he is now safe in foster and doing great. Bobby is a 6 month old Lurcher, who’s currently living with lots of other dogs and doing really well!🐶 Bobby is now walking on-lead and understanding housetraining. He’s not perfect but is getting there. It’s all new to him. He’s happy to be adored and loves nothing more than a cuddle!😘 This lad passed a healthcheck at the vets with advisory of building muscle and condition. He is going back next week to start his vaccinations. We will be holding off on his neutering until we feel he is ready but it’s likely to be a couple of months, to allow his body to catch up. 💪🏼🙌🏽 Bobby hasn’t had much exposure to the real world however is doing amazingly well. He needs an empathic home with someone who’s going to guide him through life. This lad could live with dog-savvy children.💛 Once fully matured, he will be an active lad who needs daily walks and mental stimulation. He will make a great family addition. 🖤 Bobby is so sweet and gentle. He is starting to understand what toys are and adores comfy beds. Bobby is decompressing daily and coming more out of himself.💙 Please share this sweet lad far and wide!🤞🏽 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in offering this lad his forever home: