Please say hello again to our ex racing Greyhound Bluey 🥰 Bluey is 3 years and has raced 41 times and has stopped racing due to a muscle injury and was given up by his owner. Sadly Bluey is being returned from his current home due to an unforeseen situation. His owners adore him and have done some fabulous work with him as he learns about life in a real home after life on kennels. We are looking for a sighthound savvy home for Bluey, however…..This is what his owner say about him….. • Pleasure to walk him on the lead – does not pull at all and stops and waits quite happily when necessary. He’s has learned all about the joys of sniffing 💕 • He was good in training – socializing with other dogs – mostly smaller than him of course. Trainer thought he had great manners! • He doesn’t even stay in the room with us when we eat lunch now (on our knees) he goes and lies in the conservatory. • Does not bark when people come to the house and very rarely do we hear his single woof. Usually when he has his mad 5-10 minutes in the afternoon – zoomies and all sorts of things combined! • Great with people and visitors. • Loves his glove grooming and lets me clean his teeth. • Does not jump up, does not go on any furniture – he just loves his bed/den we have set up for him in the lounge, where he also sleeps at night quite happily through his own choice. • His favourite things are food and sleeping on his bed or sunbathing on the grass. He sort of tolerates pavement walks but enjoys beach, woods, top of the Orme walks more.