Everyone meet our next resident…..Blitz!🖤 This lad is only 3 years old and has been ‘retired’ from racing. He’s had 11 races and now he is no use to his owners. So he is with us for rehoming. We are on a mission to ensure he has a family who adore him!💔💙 Blitz has been a star since coming in to us. He is fabulous with people, he loves to cuddle and lean on everyone. At the vets he won them over with his big brown eyes. 😍 He passed a full health check and has been neutered. He weighs 38kg currently. With Blitz being black and a bigger greyhound sadly we know, he will have less interest than others even though he is just lovely! Blitz walks perfectly on lead too.🖤 Since coming to us we have started socialising him and exposing him to other breeds of dogs and real life…..Not racing life! He has come so far in short space of time 👏We are going to carry on showing him the real world too.❤️‍🩹 This lad loves his zoomies, his food and a cuddle, then he happily curls up and goes to sleep. He really is an easy lad who just needs someone to love him. We can imagine this lad on a big comfy bed in the lounge surround by his family. We feel he could live with dog savvy children!🏡 Please do share Biltz the beautiful boy so he can finally be a part of a family!🖤🫶🏼 Remember to complete the for below if you’re interested in adoption;