Crossbreed (collie x spaniel)
Older Only

Everyone meet our next poundie ….. Blake! 🖤 Blake is a young lad likely no older than 1 year old. We think is a spaniel cross collie, but we don’t know for sure so he’s a crossbreed. Sadly he found himself as an unclaimed stray.💔 This boy is full of life and energy. He adores going for big long walks in the countryside. Anyone can walk in to this lads kennel and take him out. He doesnt mind if you sit in his bed with him or touch his bowl.😇🫶🏼 Blake is a very clever lad as well as being active. Someone has taught him basic commands. He knows: sit, drop, down, paw and other paw. He’s picking his lead training up too!🐾 This boy does need some TLC, his coats not in the best condition as it’s very dry. Blake is sadly very underweight too. However this will all come with a decent diet and care. Likely he needs to gain around 5:6kg🖤 So far, Blake has been good with other dogs on lead and in the kennels. We haven’t done off lead as of yet. He travels well and happily jumps in and out of the van. 🚗🐶 This lad needs an active lifestyle full of mental and physical stimulation. We feel he could live with dog savvy children. He adores to play with his toys and is pretty well mannered around them too.💙 Please share this stunning boy far and wide.🏡 Remember to complete the form below if you’re interested in adoption;